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and virginia were reported. at last check, one was said to be break line winds, hopefully rick it can explain that. >> one person was hurt and a jazz festival called off for the weather and capsized while the stage was broken down. >> today the cleanup process for many people. and tin pittsburgh. and rick, to the weather center. >> i like the weather center is just about 20 feet over here. >> a stone's throw. >> alisyn: it's magic. >> yes, we said there would be big, severe storms. there were, they're done, that's the good part. all of this is now pulling off shore and a little bit of rain in maine, and down towards parts of florida. but this is the the last 24 hours, they were extreme. and that breezy point. that little bit of land that sticks out in the atlantic and one moves over land and we called it a tornado later on in the afternoon, one towards the brooklyn area. and that was the ef-1 and the other was an ef-0. and a couple p of storms out there. a little more, we will have areas farther to the south. the thing that it's done is drop the temperatures down for everybody. yesterday in 7
the state of west virginia as well. parts of the plains, a cold front is swinging through, behind the system and dry across montana elevated fire danger in place because of that with head flag warnings across montana and dakotas, gusty winds and dry conditions and parts of western nebraska, up into northern portions of minnesota and high temperatures tomorrow, a quick shot of that. because it's a big barbecue day, labor day, temperatures will be in the triple digits across oklahoma and texas, across the northeast, hey, guys, 79 for the high temperature in new york city, back to you. >> alisyn: thanks. >> dave: beautiful, critics describe him as a radical muslim, why is he leading islamic prayers at the dnc. next. >> alisyn: it's a symbol of hope and freedom, why is one town refusing to raise the american flag on september 11th. one man fighting this flag flap. ♪ [ male announcer ] extreme environments can cause a spontaneous change in dna, resulting in unexpected power and agility. introducing the all-new, all-powerful gator rsx 850i. sixty-two horsepower, a fully independent multilink sus
offense, the final score 70-63 west virginia over baylor. >> now, would he do that in the nfl? >> i don't know, but he is clearly the guy that leads the high man pack, only 28 incompletions all year, incredible. the intensity of the ryder cup continues to rage on after an impressive first day, with kegan bradley and phil mickleson on day two. >> and phil mickleson at the 9th. (cheers) >> just listen to the energy of that patriotic crowd. kegan bradley sinks the putt on the 9th hole in the morning session, shortly after, an incredible shot by who else, phil mickleson, hits the green, rolls, rolls, rolls, and within a few inches of the pin. the crowd just went nuts all day long. bradley and mickleson win their match helping america take the biggest ryder cup lead 10-6 entering sunday. >> clayton: who put the putt yesterday 0 that went in the cup and popped out. >> dave: i didn't see that one. >> alisyn: that's not fair. >> clayton: hit it right on. >> alisyn: that's how i was bowling. >> dave: hold on to that i have something more than even your bowling story. >> alisyn: impossible. >> d
, particularly in ohio, virginia, and that's what-- >> depends what article you read, an article this morning, president obama, we're winning, winning this race. look at the numbers, two hefty polls, rasmussen and the gallup poll saying they're neck and neck, says a lot about romney's campaign, because it's hard to beat an incumbent. >> it says something about president obama in this down economy that he's leading mitt romney, a candidate insurgency right now. he in wisconsin in a rain storm says he basically needs more time, needs another term to get things done. take a listen. >> from the day we began this campai campaign, but more importantly, from the day i ran for this office last year, or four years ago, seems like just last year. i've always said that change is going to take more than one term, and more than one president, and it takes more than one party. part of what is election about is giving the american people a voice to break the deadline. >> dave: he hasn't always said that. >> clayton: the criticism early on, you had a full house, a full senate, you had the presidency all dem
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)